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Release Date : April 21, 2023
Artist : Tylerhateslife - Rocco Vargas - ENDURE
Genres : rap, rock
Format : Digital Download

This year we kick off the ENDURE Veterans project with single, “Intervention”, by Rocco Vargas, Tylerhateslife, and ENDURE. Blending Rocco’s gravely and rootsy rock vocals with Tyler’s rap and vocal layers, alongside Jay Denton’s hard hitting production, “Intervention” takes the listener into the darker sides of the artists’ struggles with mental health and the gap between the perception of strength and the reality of vulnerability.

This song began with a poem by Rocco Vargas that he and Jay adapted into a song long distance. Then as Rocco came into the studio in Los Angeles, the two decided to get a rapper in on the verses and bring Tylerhateslife on board. Both Rocco and Tyler served with US Army as Rangers, and both have a depth of experience and storytelling that make them a unique and powerful duo in this song.

As ENDURE Studios kicks off it’s veterans project this year, we couldn’t think of a better place to start than by featuring these two – who have both exemplified endurance in both their lives and their artistry.