Faith Richards’ hybrid dark-indie yet soulful sound cuts through today’s radio noise and takes the listener on a transparent journey of self-discovery. Having garnered over 6.5 million streams as a completely independent artist, Faith is definitely a force to be reckoned with. She grew up in a somewhat nomadic, anything-could-happen family. Moving house-to-house, state-to-state and country-to-country 15 times before graduating high school, Faith’s sound has evolved alongside her, with influences everywhere from 1960’s soul and jazz to Amy Winehouse, Sabrina Claudio and BANKS.

Faith’s music has received recognition from BBC Radio East Midlands, Rolling Stone India, several Netflix movies and shows including Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum , USA Network’s Temptation Island, the K-Pop girl group Twice, Vogue Germany and Vogue Korea, the front page of her hometown newspaper – The Junction City Daily Union, and from several YouTube stars including Mady Morrison (28 million views on her Full Body Stretch video feat. My Caffeine) and KSI (23 million subscribers feat. Blue in multiple videos). Faith’s fanbase continues to grow globally as she unfailingly showcases relevant music in a relatable, smooth, refreshing way that is as individual as Faith Richards.


’ll Bloom When I’m Ready blends genres with R&B melodies, neo-soul instrumentations, pop structures and soulful vocals. The album was born when Faith accepted herself as she is – her unfiltered thoughts and the raw truth of her 24 years on Earth. Each track takes the listener on a journey through her heartbreak, loss of self, search for identity (often in the wrong places), inner-growth, her connection with Mother Nature and her ultimate realization that everything she needs comes from within. The perfect balance in presence of piano, electric guitar and cello throughout makes this album the perfect safe haven.


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