If you get nothing else from listening to his infectious brand of sunshine pop, singer/songwriter Aaron Kellim wants you to know that you’re not alone. “I want my songs and shows to be the thing that helps people walk through life—through the joys, through the pain, and through the heartache,” says Kellim. “And the beautiful part is that, once you’re in my tribe, you’ll always have the music and the community we’ve created to fall back on.” Kellim launched a career as a solo artist in December of 2017, after spending years fronting bands and co-fronting the acoustic duet, Audri & Aaron. He currently broke 420,000 plays on Spotify for his single “Hold You,” and has 13k followers on Instagram. Years in the music business have shaped Kellim’s unique relationship to his songs and to those who hear them, as have experiences like opening for OneRepublic and Train, winning national songwriting competitions, and singing backup for contestant Kyla Jade on “The Voice”. Through it all, he has found that people always want to feel like they are a part of something special.



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