2022 was a huge year for ENDURE Studios. With over 45 songs released that were written and/or produced by Jay Denton and Aaron Kellim, the launch of the ENDURE Nashville studio, and the hosting of the first song camps in Nashville, it was a busy time. Some of the highlights were the release of Faith Richards’s debut album, I’ll Bloom When I’m Ready, Madilyn Paige’s full album Social Butterfly, 8 singles from Jay Denton, and 12 singles from Aarron Kellim.

Alongside the larger projects were songs released from Josh Cumbee, Laura Osnes, Future Royalty, Christopher Watson, Christie Huff, Ariel Lask, Kissflame, Evan Wick, RichRel, Linata, Hannah Parrott, Brittany Bookout, and Graciela.

But much of the work of 2022 was building out the Nashville studio space, writing new songs with new artists that have yet to be released, and setting the stage for projects that we’re excited to show ya’ll here in 2023. Stay tuned for some big news coming soon…

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